Inman: 4 tips for succeeding in real estate without overextending yourself

August 18, 2017

By Marian McPherson, Staff Writer |

SAN FRANCISCO — Kofi Nartey said real estate is like a seven-layer dip — “When you start getting down to the beans and cheese, that’s when s**t starts getting good.” Nartey, who transitioned from a successful acting career to business and real estate, told the Inman Connect crowd that his career didn’t really start to flourish until he cut back on the number of tools he was using. By deeply focusing on a few rather than getting surface-level benefits from many, he was able to grow. Here are Nartey’s four tips for being effective without overextending yourself: 1. Seal your bucket Nartey said he thinks of the mind like a bucket — you’re consistently working to fill it up, but there’s only so much room to work with. He said we forget about much of the information we take in, which means we are susceptible to losing important facts while retaining not-so-important ones. He suggests “sealing” your bucket and being careful to filter the daily flow of information… Read the full article (subscription required) at 

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